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I have a kennel of about 16 huskies, mostly (fluffy) Alaskan huskies and a couple of Siberian huskies.

The dogs are part of my family. My “retired” dogs get as much care as my “working” dogs and have a place in our home until the end of their life. We are not a husky farm, we are a home with huskies!


Lilla My

Lilla My is very clever female who became my best lead dog.


Husky Siberian, Frost is the dad of 8 of my dogs.


Bea is a rescued dog and moved to my kennel with her mum when she was 5 weeks old.


Loup is the naughty boy of the pack but we love him. He is such a good-looking boy.


Eva has a special place in my heart and is the mum of 8 of my dogs.


Tim is Mr Cool but he will let you know with a big bark if he wants you to pet him.


Sofie doesn’t have a thick fur and lives inside the house most of the winter. She always finds a spot on the sofa.


Ipi is a shy dog but loves being cuddled once he knows you.


Zeb looks like a wolf. He loves cuddles around the face.


Belle is a quiet dog but don’t be fooled. She is one of the best working dogs in the pack.


Fonzie is named after the character from the 70’s TV series “Happy Days”. He is “cool” like the character.


Bianca is a shy dog but very clever. She became my lead dog.


Steffie is almost the spitting image of her mum, Eva, and has her temper!


Freja is very clever, very eager and has lots of energy. She will stare at you with her piercing blue eyes.


Lucky is definitely a very independent dog who does what she wants whenever she wants!!


Gimli is a gentle giant. A big dog with a very soft personality who loves playing.