Kennel visit & walk pulled by a husky

500 sek

per person

free under 12 years old

To book



Duration: 3 hours (transfer included)

Starting time: 10.00am or 3.00pm – thank you for booking in advance

Included: Hotel transfer, refreshments


After a 15 min drive to my kennel, I will introduce you to our 15 Siberian and Alaskan huskies.

You will be teamed up with a husky matching your body strength.

You will wear a comfortable padded belt (provided by us) and the husky will be attached to the belt with a leash. The dog will pull you as you walk.

This tour does not require a fitness level but you should be in good health condition.

The walk (5 km) starts on a gravel road and continues on a forest path along the river Torne.

Halfway through the walk, we will take a break and we will serve you some beverage and some cookies.

During the tour, I will talk about how a French lady moved to Swedish Lapland. I will talk about my work with those beautiful huskies and about Lapland, one of the last wilderness places in Europe.

It is more difficult to see animals in the forest during the Summer season, but I will show you the various berries that you can find in the boreal forest.


To book a tour, please email us the following information:

  • the name of the tour
  • the date
  • the number of participants (age of the children)
  • the hotel or address where you will stay 
  • Your mobile number (with your country code) in case of emergency on the day
  • Do any of the participants have medical conditions which could affect the tour?


We take payments on the day of the tour by cash or card.

Stéphanie Peluchon - Owner & guide

Stephanie is French and spent 10 years in London before moving to Lapland in 2008.

She created her company, Husky Voice, in 2011.

She specializes in small groups (max of 4 guests) to give an authentic and personal experience to her clients.

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